Did someone say shampoo bar?

Did someone say shampoo bar?

Hey yall! 

If you are like me then you have probably seen quite a few posts lately regarding the latest rage of SHAMPOO BARS!! Yes! They exist and we have them in stock and ready to ship!


Why should I try one of these bars? Well, for starters, think about your shower at this moment. How many bottles do you have? We are a family of 6 and between our bathrooms, I am embarrassed to admit we have a huge amount of plastic between the two body cleaning rooms. And, now imagine, this bar....this amazing shampoo bar replacing those bottles!!!!


Need another reason to try? We have chosen to stock these super awesome all in one bars. Yes I said all in one. The Krudd bar is made of only the best essential oils and organic materials. Don't let the name fool you one bit! You can use this bad boy as a regular body soap, for shaving or as a shampoo bar! Heading out of town and using carry on luggage. No need to worry about the liquid limitations of regular soaps and shampoos! 

SallyeAnder producers bars specific to kiddos and to adults. 

Take a peak and try one for yourself! You will be happy ya did!


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